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Global Flavor Shakers

Global Flavor Shakers Seasoning

Global Flavor Shakers Review

Have you ever stumbled across a product that made you think where has this been all my life? This is definitely one of them for us! It was love before first bite when we got our hands on the Global Flavor Shakers! Immediately upon opening the package we were pleasantly surprised with how fun the labels are. Comic style art labels? Yes please. But you’re all probably wondering does it taste as good as it appears? Let’s find out.

We received a total of four different shakers to experiment with in the kitchen. Two of them have Sriracha in their title (the others have it in their ingredients) so we will cover those first! Starting with…


Sriracha Flakes

Global Flavor Shakers Sriracha Flakes Seasoning

Global Flavor Shakers Sriracha Flakes

We like to think of the Sriracha Flakes as more of a seasoning than the rest of the bunch. After all, the rest have the word “crunch” in them. Naturally we applied this to some of our favorite meats ranging from steak, ribs, and wings. Like most seasonings, this one you can apply at anytime whether it’s in the kitchen, on the grill, or on a hot plate ready to be served. Flavor? It’s hot kicking and delicious with a nice “after zing” We couldn’t be more impressed with the end result on everything we tried thus far. (yes we will be adding it to everything from now on). We already know it will taste good on veggies and maybe even some fruits if you’re into that type of thing! If you’re familiar with Sriracha Sea Salts out there, this blows all out of the water (literally).

Sriracha Crunch

Global Flavor Shakers Sriracha Crunch Seasoning

Global Flavor Shakers Sriracha Crunch

As mentioned before, seriously where has this been all of our life? Now you’re giving us not only Sriracha flavor, but Sriracha texture? Yes, yes and yes again! We’re not even sure where to start because after we just picked some of the crunchies out by hand we were instantly hooked! Like we could genuinely eat this on it’s own. Captain Crunch cereal is overrated we would rather eat this for breakfast now… But of course that’s not the point! We had to add it to some dishes and we started with as simple as rice + Sriracha Crunch all the way to pastas and tacos. We can’t get enough of it! It adds a whole new dimension of Sriracha to the culinary world. Seriously, go get yourself some now and if you have to choose between the 4, get this one definitely!

Thai Peanut

Global Flavor Shakers Thai Peanut Crunch Seasoning

Global Flavor Shakers Thai Peanut Crunch

The fun continues with Thai Peanut Crunch! There aren’t many sriracha flavored peanut products out there today. You’ll find cashews, and almonds certainly but peanuts are a rarity for some reason. This Thai Peanut Crunch seems to fit the void well even though it’s not a full peanut… but rather smashed into smaller bits. So as a Thai pho lover, we just had to sprinkle this on our next bowl of pho since that’s how we do in thai culture! Result? We have to say that regular peanuts will no longer do justice in our household. Thoughts of liberally sprinkling this over curries, pastas, and other soups have got our tastes buds dancing for joy! Flavor? It’s a delicious spicy crunch and has that nice after zing that the sriracha crunch and zing have, all with the taste of a peanut.

Ramen Crunch

Global Flavor Shakers Ramen Crunch Seasoning

Global Flavor Shakers Ramen Crunch

Most of us in the U.S. think of Ramen as a cheap college student food that’s convenient and unhealthy. Well, we’re here to tell you Ramen can certainly be much more than that especially if you are to visit Japan. Not to mention, none of these shakers have any MSG in them that you’ll find in most ramen seasonings. So what makes this Ramen Crunch so special? We were sold on the name alone, but diving into it’s flavor it’s spicy like the rest with a irresistible crunch texture. We sprinkled this on sushi as suggested, and oh boy! What a difference it makes! We even trolled ourselves and sprinkled some on our very own bowl of ramen at the top with other veggies. And hey… we’ve used Sriracha and salsa before on salads, so why not replace croutons and dressings with Ramen Crunch instead? Thank you Ramen Crunch for making our world a better place.


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