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Global Flavor Shakers

Global Flavor Shakers Seasoning

Global Flavor Shakers Review Have you ever stumbled across a product that made you think where has this been all my life? This is definitely one of them for us! It was love before first bite when we got our hands on the Global Flavor Shakers! Immediately upon opening the package we were pleasantly surprised with how fun the labels are. Comic style art labels? Yes please. But you’re all probably wondering does it taste as good as it appears? Let’s find out. We received a total of four different shakers to experiment with in the kitchen. Two of them have Sriracha in their title (the others have it in their ingredients) so we will cover those first! Starting with…   Sriracha Flakes We like to…

Buen Sabor Empanadas

Buen Sabor Empanadas

You know what goes well with hot sauce? Buen Sabor Empanadas And of course we like to dine them with Sriracha hot sauce. But these are no ordinary Empanadas and trust us, we’ve had our fair share of them in our life. First off we’d like to thank Buen Sabor for sending us a wonderful box full of Empanadas to review. Not only are they tasty, but we were shocked to find that they managed to send them in frozen form with dry ice! Not something you see everyday. But hold up, did you say frozen?     Yes, Buen Sabor Empanadas are frozen indeed. But aren’t frozen foods bad? You know, frozen foods are often associated with unhealthy, bad, or just not as tasty. But…

The Sriracha Market Is Here!

Sriracha Market

Good news! We just opened up the Sriracha Market here on  and came out with a new site design. We actually switched platforms for any aspiring entrepreneurs wondering from Shopify to WordPress + Woocommerce. We did this because it fit in with our goals for the site and reduced our overhead costs too! So what exactly is the Sriracha Market? This market is mainly aimed at Sriracha based products that we have consumed, used, and reviewed! All experience is personal and we are definitely happy to be the ones to go head first and try all that is new with Sriracha! After all, we are sriracha fanatics and that’s our passion! We are slowly but surely adding a few products at a time that…

Where To Buy Sriracha?

Where To Buy Sriracha

TRUTH IS, YOU CAN BUY SRIRACHA IN MOST MAJOR MARKET PLACES AND CHAIN STORES NOW. Chains such as Walmart, your local chain superstore, internet stores such as Amazon and of course your local Asian markets. Best price typically? Your local asian markets will usually have the best price and the largest selection of sriracha sauces. Yes, we said sauces as in plural. The one most people are familiar with is the Sriracha by Huy Fong Foods, but there are also many other brands out there each with their own unique flavor. OUR SUGGESTION? Try them all out. While we here at Sriracha Box agree that the Huy Fong Sriracha has the most universal usage out of them all, we found that cooking often times tastes…


Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching in 4 days and is a sign for new times. This year is represented by the Fire Monkey. How fitting for the love of the fiery sauce of Sriracha. Even better the following year will be the year of the Rooster! But today marks a day in change of management with Brady and Chandler the co founders passing down the torch to another young entrepreneur. These two established a solid brand and wanted to see it go into good hands. Not to mention they wanted to pursue other projects like most serial entrepreneurs do. The future will bring many changes, while not all is certain you can expect new vendors and products this year to enjoy. But most importantly,…

Sriracha Box Gets Hunted On Product Hunt

PRODUCT HUNT FEATURES SRIRACHA BOX It’s not exactly easy to get on Product Hunt as you need a brand or product that really shines through! But we did it! Check out the feature here! It received a warm response from other fellow Sriracha lovers. As found on the feature board, we do want to bring Sriracha Box on the international level but like everything, it’s going to take some time and research to make it happen.

September 2015 Box

Sriracha Box

This month’s Sriracha Box brings the good stuff: The Jam Stand’s Not Just Peachy, Sriracha Jam; Blue Diamond Sriracha Flavored Almonds, Nissin® Original Sriracha Chow Mein, and Roland® Feng Shui Sriracha Peas. THE JAM STAND’S NOT JUST PEACHY, SRIRACHA JAM Not Just Peachy, Sriracha Jam is a sweet, spicy jam straight from the boutique kitchen of The Jam Stand, “Brooklyn’s happiest food company.” The Jam Stand founders believe packaged food doesn’t have to mean processed food, and their peach sriracha jam is no exception. This delicious jam is flavored with juicy peaches and handcrafted Jojo’s Sriracha and goes great with cheese, chicken and eggs. BLUE DIAMOND SRIRACHA FLAVORED ALMONDS With over 100 years of experience, Blue Diamond knows how to deliver good almonds. And now, with the introduction…

August 2015 Box

Sriracha Box

This month’s Sriracha Box brings the good stuff: Williams-Sonoma Sriracha Kaffir Lime Rub, World Harbors Asian Inspired Sriracha Sauce and Marinade, Chex Mix Xtreme Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Snack Mix, and Giants Sunflower Seeds Sriracha Flavored Sunflower Seeds. WILLIAMS-SONOMA SRIRACHA KAFFIR LIME RUB From the gourmet kitchen of Williams-Sonoma comes this delicious kaffir lime rub. Crafted with the finest ingredients, this spicy rub combines the zest of kaffir lime with sriracha spicy goodness to give a tasty boost to any meat. WORLD HARBORS ASIAN INSPIRED SRIRACHA SAUCE AND MARINADE Never has meat had it so good. This sriracha sauce and marinade from World Harbors will spice up your next grilled chicken or steak like never before. It’s zesty combination of garlic, soy, and red jalapenos is also great as a dipping sauce…

July 2015 Box

Sriracha box

We’re sending this month’s Sriracha Box with lots of love and lots of delicious sriracha: Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Chili Ketchup, Williams-Sonoma Sriracha Mac and Cheese Starter, Pop Weaver Sriracha Popcorn, and a Moe’s Southwest Grill $10 Gift Card. LEE KUM KEE SRIRACHA CHILI KETCHUP Spice up this summer’s barbecues with Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Chili Ketchup. This sriracha ketchup blends the heat from the East with the sweet from the West to give any dish a feisty bite. So fire up the grills and get those patties cookin’! WILLIAMS-SONOMA SRIRACHA MAC AND CHEESE STARTER We searched high and low before finding this packet of sriracha heaven from the masterful culinary kitchen of Williams-Sonoma. Soften some noodles, add milk, butter, and this Mac and Cheese Starter, and enter sriracha nirvana. POP…

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