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Buen Sabor Empanadas

Buen Sabor Empanadas

You know what goes well with hot sauce?

Buen Sabor Empanadas

Buen Sabor Empanadas

And of course we like to dine them with Sriracha hot sauce. But these are no ordinary Empanadas and trust us, we’ve had our fair share of them in our life. First off we’d like to thank Buen Sabor for sending us a wonderful box full of Empanadas to review. Not only are they tasty, but we were shocked to find that they managed to send them in frozen form with dry ice! Not something you see everyday. But hold up, did you say frozen?


Buen Sabor Empanadas


Yes, Buen Sabor Empanadas are frozen indeed. But aren’t frozen foods bad? You know, frozen foods are often associated with unhealthy, bad, or just not as tasty. But we’re here to tell you that all of these Empanadas are straight from farmers who are raising their livestock in the most humane and environmentally friendly ways. Then everything is frozen immediately locking in all the nutritional value with no preservatives or synthetic ingredients. Their mission statement says it all and we couldn’t be more pleased the way they operate. All natural, Non GMO baby!

We could go on about how #craveawesome of a company they are but you probably want to know how they taste right? Delicious.

First things first, you’ll definitely want to bake them or pan cook them out of the box. It blatantly states “if you must” for the microwave option. This is generally true for all frozen foods… do it the right way!

Buen Sabor Empanadas

The first one we taste tested was:


We just had to try the one that sounded the most ambitious first. Overall we were quite pleased with the flavor and texture. If you aren’t accustomed to worldly flavors this one will definitely fall under the category of “different” but good for you.  To us? it tasted like delicious comfort food especially with it having cheese within. And you know what goes well with cheese always? Sriracha.


Yum, yum yum and yum! Grass fed beef really does make a difference. If you ever get to Japan, you’ll definitely know the difference and thankfully it’s becoming more of a thing right here in the United States. Unless you don’t like beef, than you’d be crazy not to like this. No more hot pockets from now on okay?


This one hits home for us, I mean we are from Iowa which means we absolutely LOVE corn. As sriracha lovers, most of us like peppers, so when you mix corn, peppers, potatoes, and cheese… you get pretty close to a state of enlightenment. Dip it in Sriracha and you’ll make it all the way! It’s a vegetarian option we might add!


The title pretty much describes it. Chicken and sweet potatoes have always been an effective pair at the dinner table so why not throw it in an Empanada? Exactly. And it was executed the right way. Of course we couldn’t help but dab it in a little bit of Sriracha to give it an extra zing on top of the chipotle flavor.

Get yourself a box at or use the site to find it in a store near you!

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