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The Story

Sriracha Box was launched with a simple goal: to find and share the best sriracha goodness. We believe sriracha is a staple that must be included in every meal–it really does make everything better. We’ve searched high and low, far and wide discovering the best of sriracha products to include in our gift box and our Sriracha market. If you like sriracha, you’ll absolutely love Sriracha Box and what our brand stands for. Join us on instagram to follow our discoveries and food! Not to mention our goal has expanded to find not only Sriracha products, but also foods that taste delightful with it!


Every Sriracha Box is shipped with love from an avid spice enthusiast. The owner first uncovered the holy grail of sauces known as Sriracha by Huy Fong Foods in 2006 while working at a Hibachi grill. Needless to say, life was forever changed. The quest to try it on everything began and has ultimately led to close encounters with enlightenment. Leading to the present where some foods simply cannot go without it’s red spicy love.

When not working, the owner enjoys a plethora of activities such as eating with Sriracha, other hot sauces and peppers, food challenges, working out, climbing things, bboying (breakdancing), being a dog owner, video games and everything nerdy!

So we hope you enjoy Sriracha Box as much as we do! We like hearing from fellow sriracha lovers, so be sure to drop us a note: love@srirachabox.com or hit us up on that IG!